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Out With the Old

The age old saying “Out with the old, in with the new,” couldn’t apply better to how I feel about leaving 2023 behind. It wasn’t a terrible year, don’t get me wrong. There were many things to celebrate, beautiful memories that were created, but everything was overshadowed by the loss of my mom. I know..

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September Spotlight: Karin Freeland

I’m honoured to have special guest, Karin Freeland, in the September Spotlight! She is a certified Life Reinvention Coach and successful author with a fabulous sense of humour, a fresh and informative presence on Instagram, and a new book just released, titled Grab Life by the Dreams: The Essential Guide to Getting Unstuck and Living..

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Book Cover Design: A Simple Guide

Well, here I am… at the cover design stage for my horror novel, Code of Reanimation! Book covers hold tremendous weight in attracting readers. Let’s admit it, in this scenario, most of us DO judge a book by it’s cover. That’s why it’s so important to get a cover that perfectly represents and compliments your..

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Healthily Adapting to Post-Pandemic Life

On May 5th, 2023, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that Covid-19 is no longer considered a global health emergency. Masks are optional. Quarantines are a thing of the past. Most establishments have reopened to full capacity, and the assumption is that life will go back to normal pre-pandemic ways. However, many would argue that..

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New Book Releases Alert!

I’m constantly blown away by all the support the writing community has shown me throughout my author journey. It has inspired me to give back to the community, showing my own support by welcoming some brand spanking new books into this world. If you haven’t already guessed it, I LOVE books! And discovering new books-about-to-launch..

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