The onset of autumn carried with it all the happy feels it usually does – multihued leaves, crisp apple-scented air, pumpkin spice candles and lattes, and the promise of Halloween. Fall has always been one of my favourite seasons and it started off living up to all my expectations. What I wasn’t expecting, was my mother having a massive stroke from which she wouldn’t recover. I spent the beginning of October saying goodbye to my mom, planning her celebration of life, and settling her estate. As anyone who has already experienced this deepest of losses, you can understand that it was the hardest trial I’ve ever been through. And honestly, I’m not sure how I’m coping, because I’m burying myself in writing and other activities to avoid my feelings, which is unhealthy, I’m aware. But it’s getting me through, for the time being. At some point – and soon – I’ll have to just sit and let the feelings flow. But I’m not there yet. I feel like my mom is still with me, and I don’t want to let that go.

My mom was my biggest cheerleader, especially with all my writing exploits. That’s why I decided to dedicate my soon-to-be released book, Code of Reanimation, to her memory. Ironically, she hated horror and refused to read any of my books because they were too scary for her taste. But this story in particular was loosely inspired by her since it delves into mental health topics. The dedication reads:

“For my sweet, beautiful mom, who departed this world during the development of this book. In ways we can only understand, you largely inspired this story. You finally made it, mom. You’re free.”

My mom had depression, anxiety, and had battled addictions, which she miraculously overcame. On top of that, she had several difficult life experiences that she endured, and survived, and most people don’t even know about them, she was so humble. This dedication showcases her perseverance throughout it all. She never gave up, even though most of the time she was struggling. I picture her now free from all those hardships, enjoying paradise with all her predeceased loved ones. It gives me great comfort.

Due to the unexpected passing of my mom, several events I had planned were postponed, some indefinitely. My Kickstarter Campaign is on hold until further notice. My book launch for Code of Reanimation has been postponed. ARC reads went out late. Despite the setbacks, I have devised a new schedule:

🎃 October 31st – Pre-orders for Code of Reanimation become available on Amazon

🎃 November 14th – Book Launch for Code of Reanimation

🎃 November 26th – Book Signing at the Holiday Craft Revival

Save the dates! I hope you’re as excited about the release of Code of Reanimation as I am!

On a brighter note, there were two exciting announcements to celebrate this month! The horror anthology Autumn Tales II: Pumpkin Slice Nightmares launched! I’m thrilled to have a short story titled “Lady Dressed in White” included in this creepily amazing anthology. It’s the perfect read for this time of year and – for all the horror fans out there – anytime of year. Grab your copy today!

The second announcement was the cover reveal for my horror novel, Code of Reanimation! Here’s the back cover blurb so you can see what this book is all about!


Freedom is a state of mind.

Brigita Nowak has only ever wanted one thing—her freedom. Labelled psychotic and committed to a mental institution at seventeen, she missed the chance of a “normal” life. She never held a job, owned her own place, or experienced love. Until now. 

After awakening sprawled on the common room floor—the hospital in ruins, the staff and patients missing—she realizes it’s her chance to escape. Seeking sanctuary with her sister, she meets “the boyfriend” Renner Scholz, a vile yet brilliant geneticist. He has developed a bioweapon, the Code of Reanimation, destined to destroy the world. Or so Brigita believes. She’s been seeing zombie hallucinations as of late, a sure premonition of the highly contagious bioweapon getting out of hand. Why the connection? Because the bioweapon reanimates dead organisms into bloodthirsty killing machines. 

Brigita has typically experienced death-based hallucinations, blamed on her mental illness. She, however, always felt they were psychic premonitions. Convinced that Renner intends to release the bioweapon at a public fundraising event, she teams up with a handsome love interest to thwart the catastrophe. But, as Brigita’s visions kick into hyperdrive and timelines blur, she must determine which events are based on reality or delusional constructs of her subconscious mind…

before it’s too late.

Thank you to the talented cover designer, Murphy Rae, for designing this creepy and beautiful cover for my novel. Remember, pre-orders open on October 31st, 2023! Be one of the first to read this epic, mind-bending horror tale about family bonds, love, survival and the quest for freedom.

Wishing you a wonderful end to your October, and don’t forget to keep reading!

💋 Lanie Mores