The supernatural and new adult fiction author, L.N. White, is here today to reflect on her journey as an Indie author and to share with us a new book she’s working on, The Hunted: Book 2 in The Haunted series. If you want a sneak peak at her story, she is offering a free advanced viewing to beta-readers. I’ll provide the link below if you’re interested. Here’s a little taste of what this story is all about!

The Hunted: Book 2 of The Haunted Series

What you’ll get:
⛓ Supernatural beings
🖤 Emotional trauma
⛓ Time Travel
🖤 Lost Love
⛓ Death
🖤 Soul Bonds


I thought I could finally live in peace, little did I know this new world of mine would get so

Book blurb:
They said the truth will set you free. But now, I feel like I’m in a cage.
Cleo Martin, a 24-year-old vampire princess, tries to get a hold of new abilities and the new
information she had found out about her life before she was turned mortal. Her mate, Ezra
Grimwald, tries the best he can to help with her transition.
But the last pureblood vampire of the Knight family, Kolby Knight, attacks the school as a
diversion, causing Cleo to realize her peaceful life is at an end, unless she can stop the evil
from taking over the past, the present, and the future.
Let a newly turned vampire travel to the past? Yeah, that sounds like a great idea!
Follow Cleo’s and Ezra’s journey as they try to stop Mortimer in the past, Kolby in the present,
and an unknown foe from the future.

This supernatural tale is filled with time travel, emotional turmoil, lost
loves, soul bonds, and death. As Cleo delves deeper into her past and attempts to save the
future, the Knight family’s dark past plays a critical role in preserving the supernatural
community’s destiny. Time travel is a significant component, and Cleo travels to the past to
stop Mortimer, present to stop Kolby, and the threat of a future foe. The story is packed with
emotions, featuring themes of heartbreak, loss, and betrayal, while a soul bond adds a
captivating element to the plot. The characters must face the consequences of their actions as
death looms over them.

Does this story intrigue you? You can sign up as a beta reader to get an early copy of The Hunted. Just go to L.N. White’s link tree to apply!


Book 1: The Hidden from The Haunted series is already available! You can purchase it by following the link.
What It’s About:
The Hidden by L.N. White is a supernatural and new adult book about the journey of 18-year-old Cleo Martin, who makes a deal with an ancient being that has caused a family curse. The
story is set on an island off the coast of Scotland, where Cleo enrolls at Cypress Institute to
learn more about the curse. The book features supernatural beings, soul bonds, a deal with a
devil, and ancestral curses. It explores emotional trauma, the strength of relationships, and the
consequences of actions. The eerie and atmospheric setting adds to the story’s captivating
nature, making it perfect for fans of supernatural and horror genres.
With a unique blend of supernatural elements, emotional depth, and intriguing plot, The Hidden
is a must-read for anyone looking for a fresh take on the supernatural genre. Get your copy
today on Amazon, Apple Books, or Barnes & Noble.

Interview with L.N. White

  • 1. Tell us a little bit about your current project?

I’m currently working on the second book of my series, as well as a few projects on the

  • 2. How would you describe your writing process?

When I begin the process, I usually start by merging ideas that come to me in my dreams. I
then create a brief version of the story, focusing on world-building and character development.
After this, I begin the first draft, which is followed by plot edits and polishing of the story. Then
comes the second draft, which is reviewed by beta readers. I repeat this process until the story
feels complete.

  • 3. When choosing what to write, do you follow the trends or follow your heart?

I follow my heart for sure.

  • 4. Do you hide Easter eggs in your stories that only a select few will understand?

Yes, I do.

  • 5. What part of the writing process do you find most difficult?

I tend to procrastinate when it comes to editing.


I’m looking forward to reading The Hunted as part of L.N. White’s beta readers and street team. If you want to join and help out this lovely author, then check out her link tree. Also, sign up for her newsletter while you’re there.

Hope you enjoyed this author spotlight, and don’t forget to keep reading.

💋 Lanie Mores