Summer is a great time for reading, wouldn’t you agree? Lounging on the beach, by the pool, or swinging gently on a hammock with a book in hand are my favourite ways to relax and unwind.

Summer stirs up my passion for reading and I’m always looking for my next literary adventure. Although I read plenty of traditionally published stories, I always keep a stock of Indie and small press releases in my TBR pile to compliment my reading tastes. I’ve discovered so many new, amazing authors this way.

Today I’m sharing six books that fall into the Indie and small press publishing categories, representing the genres of fantasy and poetry. Enjoy an introduction to these wonderfully intriguing selections, and find some new books to add to your summer reading list.

A Thousand and One Wishes by Birdy Rivers

About the Book:

As a genie at eighteen, Mira will be assigned a master. An unknown fate awaits her as
she prepares to leave the life she knows behind. Lucien is a Dhmpire and son of one of the
supernatural mafia leaders. He’s getting ready to take over the family business as his best
friend and sister prepare for their wedding to unite their two families. Things take an expected
turn when Lucien gets a genie giving him the advantage he needs against his enemy. Lucien
has found a diamond in the rough and he plans to let his diamond shine at his side, but love
isn’t a part of the plan until it sneaks up on Lucien throwing his life in a new direction. One
where he might have to embrace his enemy as an ally instead.

About the Author:

Birdy Rivers is an award-winning author. She was born in NJ and now resides in GA with her
family. She has been writing since her teens and professionally writing since her mid-twenties.
When she isn’t writing she is raising her three daughters whom she jokingly refers to as her
baby dragons and spending time with family and friends. Before Birdy became a full-time
Author and Editor she worked as a Medical Assistant. She enjoys reading, the outdoors, video
games, and music. Music and writing have served as therapeutic measures for her depression
and anxiety. Birdy is a huge mental health advocate and often features the struggles of mental
health in her stories.

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The Other Side I: Remastered by Justin Jay Gladstone & Nitsuj Yaj Enotsdalg

About the Book:

The Other Side is a dark fantasy, adventure, with sci-fi sprinkled in a few places. The series vows to lead to a dark dystopian future.

There is a nefarious cult at work in Aurorae County. They are gaslighting and accusing people of committing horrible crimes and for having a mental disorder.

At least, this is what Leon Granttley secretly swears by. He and only he believes that his mental disorder, (dissociative identity disorder) isn’t real. Even with the ten photographs taken of his assaulted friend, Allie Reincath, he chooses his truth over hers. His friends, family, and society take her side.

Leon blames a devil in his mind. A voice. One with a conscious and perhaps an ulterior motive. When questioned, he pins all the wrongs that occurred in his life on this voice. Leon has but one hope… to graduate from The Earthshine Facility as a Knight, and perhaps, leave this disorder behind once and for all. However, he can’t leave this facility if he doesn’t accept what he did to Allie. It seems that those he loves won’t accept him either.

Is Leon guiltless? Or is there more to what happened with him and Allie? Find the truth of his story, on, The Other Side.


The Lunae Lux has kidnapped Leon and brought him to a world that reflects his. This voice in his mind, was never just a voice. He was a living, breathing person, according to this principle: Reflection Principle #1.

There was a man named Festano Igor, who learned of these Reflection Principles, and wondered what would happen if he would trap Earthlings in permanent misery. He asked himself a dangerous question: What if this would bring happiness to those in his world—Planet Heart? A world with dying crops, animals, and climates. A world where everything there is almost backward.

Heartlings have one desire. To leave their world for something better. Something that can only be found in their reflections’ lives. This is the truth of the voice in Leon’s mind.

Kidnapped against his will, Leon is forced to live this reflections life with one goal in mind. To return to Planet Earth. The cult known as the Lunae Lux does not take to this idea so kindly, and as such… uses their efforts to trap him.


-50+ QR codes! (These include lore, character artwork, and much more!)

-Mirrored text (Hold to a mirror to decipher unique riddles and uncover mysteries)

(QR codes are in the paperback. The e-book has hyperlinked text containing the same images)

About the Author:

Justin Jay Gladstone lives in New York, and is a full time author. He is working on accomplishing his scifantasy series within the next few years. He enjoys playing video games, outdoorsy adventures with his husky, and of course… writing.

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Constellations by Richard Fireman.

About the Book:

Constellations are our attempt to make sense of the universe.

Richard Fireman believes a good poem should reflect both individual and universal perspectives, and strives to do so in his work, expressing his thoughts and feelings about both the microcosm of his life’s experiences and the macrocosm of the universe at large. Each of his poems are constellations in the sky of his life, presented to the reader for interpretation and meaning. Here is the world as I see it, he says; this is how it seems to me. We are all in the same world, looking up at the stars, and this is my viewpoint, one man in the vast unknowable universe:

We create patterns in the sky, trying to understand what God might mean, and write our stories as if we knew. These poems are my constellations. The words are stars. May their light be a guide to find your way home.

About the Author:

Richard has been writing for over fifty years and has given readings at several libraries, Barnes & Noble, and several other places, including the Colts Neck Fair, in New Jersey, where he lives. Richard has had over a hundred poems published in various magazines. He has also published numerous articles, both in local magazines and in chess publications and websites. In 2009 he contributed a chapter to the book Writing Away the Demons, a compendium of thirteen writers’ stories of how each of them used their writing to cope with life crises, edited by poetry therapist Dr. Sherry Reiter.

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About Prolific Pulse Press LLC:

Prolific Pulse Press LLC is an independent press based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Member/Manager Lisa Tomey-Zonneveld founded the press. The goal of this press is to help poets and other writers develop their works and when ready to present to the book world, publish and present the author.

Fallen Revenge by Justin Brimhall

About the Book:

How far would you go to get revenge? For Randy Newborn, settling a score meant turning his
back on his family. Time and time again, he chose his badge—and revenge—over his wedding
His search for answers tugged on the very thread, which had been frayed from the spindle by
one of Lucifer’s closest brothers, Gadreel. Decades prior, he orchestrated a meticulous plan
along the chessboard of life, using Randy as his most important piece, to wage the final war on
Randy, attempting to reclaim what he lost, sets a chain of events in motion ultimately
destroying his life along with the lives of the people around him. The carnage he creates takes
him to an unlikely place, standing between two angels, with a decision to make. Rise up and
learn from his mistakes or fall into the pit of no return?

About the Author:

Justin graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelors Degree in English Literature.
His days are always filled with work, but he makes sure to write with any free time that comes
his way.
His other passions in life are sports, video games, music, and books.
Fallen Revenge is his first novel and he is currently working on the second installment of the
Justin says, “It is my dream to one day write books full time from my home office in Utah. I
know how far the journey will take my characters and I can’t wait to bring them to life for
readers everywhere.”

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Only The Beginning by Maria Ashen

About the Book:
What would it take for you to sell your soul.
I always longed for love.
One day in the surroundings of my beloved gardens I saw the beautiful Persephone. Soon after
I had a premonition of she and our family. But I discovered that even a god’s vision could be
flawed. The more I chased this dream, the more it slipped away. I embraced forbidden magic.
All to become a dark god.
The Loss of my soul was only the beginning.

About the Author:
Maria Ashen is a Danish/English Fantasy author, whose admiration for writing brought her on
this journey of writing her own book series. Ashen uses her troubled past to create loveable
and realistic character.

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The Bloodstone’s Curse: Book Two in the Son of Avaria Trilogy by Angela Knotts Morse

The Bloodstone’s Curse is releasing November 7, 2023, but Angela has a Kickstarter campaign running June 13-30 offering limited editions and early release copies of The Bloodstone’s Curse! This is a fantastic opportunity to help her launch her second book, and for you to get special edition copies of this highly anticipated novel!

About the Book: 

Armies gather. Dark magic stirs. A renewed threat stands at the heart of it all.

After Eamonn’s captivity and Leyna’s daring rescue, both long to return to a normal life. Their peace is short-lived when a new amulet emerges—powered by Eamonn’s blood and wielded by Rothgard, who Eamonn presumed to be dead.

As Rothgard seizes control of the provinces, Eamonn is determined to make up for his failures by visiting the magical realm of Avaria. While learning more about his newly discovered heritage, Eamonn contends with the darker side of his power—and what he’s willing to risk for revenge.

With new alliances come greater challenges and deeper betrayals. Eamonn and Leyna find themselves torn between love and vengeance while the future of their country hangs in the balance.

About the Author: 

Angela Morse has been writing since the fourth grade when a teacher wrote an encouraging note on one of her assignments. The note read,  “I would not be surprised if I go to the library one day and pick up a book by Angela Knotts!” That simple note lit a fire within Angela and she developed a passion for writing stories.

Though she has dabbled in a few genres, Angela’s favorite to write is Fantasy. Her audience is typically Young Adult (YA) or sometimes New Adult (NA), depending on the age and maturity of her characters and intended readers.

Angela currently resides in Birmingham, Alabama with her husband, daughter, son, and cat.

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Here’s to hoping this list of amazing authors and their novels tickles your fancy and plumps up your summer reading list.

Happy June and don’t forget to keep reading!

💋 Lanie Mores