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Through the Eyes of the Beholder: Honing the Art of the Descriptive Word

Our perception of the world, of everything we encounter, is filtered through the five main senses: sight, touch, hearing, taste, and smell. Without these senses, we wouldn’t be able to make sense of our environment. Similarly, if you neglect to include the sensory experience in your writing, people won’t be able to make sense of..

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The Year 2020: A Personal Reflection

Here we are at the tail end of 2020, and what a crazy year it has been! At the outset, I don’t think we could have predicted how it would unfold, instead imagining it would be the best year ever. In reality, it was a trying year for so many reasons: the virus, endless quarantine..

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Book Launching 2020-Style

To say 2020 has been an atypical year is a blatant understatement. A global pandemic, riots, floods, earthquakes, fires, crashes, murder hornets…we’ve had our fair share this year. The global effects are devastating and will linger long past the end of the year, requiring plenty of time for us to recover both mentally and financially. So,..

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Autumn Debrief

Autumn was a whirlwind of events as I promoted my latest novel, Guardian of Angel, the second book in the Father of Contention series. When it came to marketing my first book, it took me a full year to get through all the events I packed into two short months for my second book. Was I..

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Virtual Book Tour: How to Promote Your New Novel Without Leaving Home

Amazing advancements in technology have undoubtedly made our lives easier. You can shop online, accessing stores worldwide who then ship the purchases directly to your doorstep. No need to peruse thousands of books and journals at the library when conducting research…simply click a button on your laptop for instant answers. Lose your keys…want to pay..

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October Recap: A Month to Remember

 After spending the past two weeks promoting my debut novel, FATHER OF CONTENTION, I’ve come to a decisive conclusion…Thunder Bay, you have a giant heart! Although I haven’t coined the slogan, I definitely experienced its relevance in the response I received at both Chapters and Thundercon 2018. Even if people weren’t interested in the genre..

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Busy Days Ahead

Fall is the busiest season in my opinion, with children heading back to school, extracurricular activities kicking into full gear, as is my full time job as my son’s chauffeur, and my personal training business exploding as people strive to get back into an exercise routine. It’s only during the “in-between” times where I get..

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