I can’t believe it has been one year since I released Gatekeepers of Eden into the world! It has been an exciting year promoting this fourth and final book in the Father of Contention series. I want to thank everyone who helped spread the word by sharing my posts on social media, reading my book, and dropping reviews. Your support has been amazing!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, besides popping open some champagne and eating cupcakes, I’d like to share an excerpt from my book baby. That way, if you haven’t read the book yet, you’ll get a taste of what it’s all about. I hope you enjoy this segment from Gatekeepers of Eden!

Excerpt: Gatekeepers of Eden

Jonathan felt himself falling, the earth unexpectedly yanked out from below his feet. After dropping several metres, he crashed to the ground with an oomph as the air was knocked from his lungs.

Struggling to his knees, he scanned the new surroundings, a vast plain of grasses stretching as far as the eye could see. Moments ago, that plain of grass was a dense jungle packed with towering ancient trees trailing thick vines, boisterous parrots, and other tropical creatures. Now that was all gone. The cacophony of the jungle a memory. All was silent.

His initial reaction was panic. Where was he? Was Dani’s last warning, correct? Did he dive headfirst into one of the fragmented pieces of earth, formed by the devil and the other fallen angels when they were cast out of heaven? It was like he went through a portal… a loophole in the fabric of reality. And where was the loophole he just fell through? Frantically searching the wide open space, the tall, dried grasses rippling in the light breeze, he couldn’t find anything out of sorts… no shimmering circle, no magical doors like he read about in Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series.

The opening he fell through was gone. Heart racing, he leaped to his feet, and raced back and forth through the tall grasses, desperately searching for the gateway to the jungle.

Suddenly, his toe hit an obstacle, sending him sprawling to his knees. Swiping his hand back and forth through the thick layer of coarse grass, he fingered the object, and assuming it was a dried branch, he picked it up. Perhaps it could act like a blind man’s cane, to prevent him from tripping over other hidden rocks or branches or to find the gateway. But when he brought the branch into view, Jonathan screamed, dropped it, and scooted backward.

It wasn’t a branch at all. It was a bone. A human bone.


There you have it, folks. A little snippet from Gatekeepers of Eden. Now, it’s time to drink that bubbly! Thank you for joining in my celebration! And most importantly, don’t forget to keep reading!

💋 Lanie Mores