It’s my book birthday! I’m proud to announce the arrival of my new novel, GUARDIAN OF ANGEL. Weighing in at 349 grams and measuring 14 x 21.6 cm, GUARDIAN OF ANGEL is the second installation of the FATHER OF CONTENTION series. If you love science fiction and fantasy, you should totally check it out!

In this book you find out what happened to the demon-possessed scientist, Renner Scholz, his captive wife Milena, and their supernaturally gifted triplet offspring who were prepared in a lab. And meet some new characters, pivotal to the rest of the FATHER OF CONTENTION series:

Angelika (Angel) Juris – insecure, painfully shy teen,  burdened with the task of saving her estranged sister (and ultimately the world) from evil forces.

Tomas Scholz – the most vicious and talented triplet out of all of Renner’s genetically engineered offspring, he is infused with the weapon of fire and  not afraid to use it.

Veronica (Ronnie) Juris – Angel’s conceited, selfish sister, bent on achieving an acting career until she is kidnapped and burdened with a life-altering, ulterior evil purpose.

Anthony Scholz – handsome teen, Renner’s only ungifted, normal son and lifeline/ romantic interest to Angel.

Set in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, you can expect this sequel to FATHER OF CONTENTION to be action-packed, full of mystery and intrigue, the perfect read to wrap up your summer holidays! Now available in all formats (e-book, paperback and hardcover), you can order a copy online at Chapters, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Goodreads. And don’t forget to leave a review on the Amazon site, as I’d love to hear all of your feedback on my new baby.

I have some exciting events planned in the near future: the book release for GUARDIAN OF ANGEL,  a booth at ThunderCon 2019, and a book signing at Chapters, so stay tuned for those upcoming dates, and be sure to join me in all of the festivities!

Until then, keep reading!

💋 Lanie Mores